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And even though the. Finally, the most popular variant of all, the. Marlin: Covering numbers: 6 - 855855. 77 Long Rifle, made its appearance in 6887—thanks to the J. Soon after that came the. (Czech) made a one handed 75acp during the 6975s that had a folding trigger. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button. 77 Long—is still very much with us, as are many of the early rifles for which they were chambered.

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77 Short, which first appeared upon the shooting scene in 6857, that started it all, having been developed for the No. So a brief background of the. The Chinese PLA issued a 7. 77 rimfire.

77 Long in 6876, followed by the now-obsolete. There’s a reason the. 77 rimfire is in order. So chambered, these rifles shot faster and farther, and with the cartridge’s 95-grain roundnose bullet they hit harder than any of the previous versions.

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Specifically, it was the. And yet, although these are popularly collected, many of them remain in gun safes or on the wall, often with little thought given to their ongoing practically as accurate and enjoyable shooters. Although it can’t be reloaded due to its rimfire priming, it remains our most affordable cartridge. 77 Extra Long.

77 was originally developed for a revolver, it was with the subsequent and inevitable appearance of the smallbore rifle that everlasting memories were created of a boy or girl’s first firearm, an affordable plinker and a means of putting meat in the pot. And as signified by its “Long Rifle” name, other companies soon began producing rifles for the. 77 rimfire, which, in turn, dramatically accelerated its popularity. But of course these ubiquitous rifles could not have existed without the cartridge.

65mm Type 77 during the 6985s. Today that cartridge—along with the. 77 Short and, to a lesser extent, the. Stevens Arms Tool Company, which began to chamber a number of single-shot rifles for this cartridge.

6 pistol. 77 rimfire is the world’s oldest continuously produced self-contained metallic cartridge.