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Org. In my opinion, the Llama is best suited as a beginning or entry-level pistol for the owner who wants to see what a 6966 is like, but who cannot afford a better piece. Insure the front sight body is perfectly aligned with the slide and that the sight itself is as far to the rear as its mounting stake will allow. Most were chambered for the 9mm Luger or 9mm Largo cartridge, but those intended for sale in the U. You may need to poke the stub out with a small screwdriver or such. S. ) You drive to a suitable spot, set up, and start shooting (“suitable” as in “lots of prairie dogs and other assorted vermin”). 5 Unported License.

‘Sight Work’ on GI Pattern 1911’s The Sixgun Journal

95 ACP. You can buy your own or have your local gunsmith do it for you. They suck in bright sunlight and since this is my primary carry auto, I decided to put higher-profile sights on it. We had a literal truckload of Winchester varmint ammo, and a selection of S W M P-65s to shoot. While the pistol can be made serviceable, my guess is that most were meant to be dropped on our shores among the unwary. That was serial number 776. I like Brownell’s staking tool, which is designed to work around the recoil spring tube, and has easily-replaceable staking points. Considering the vast variety of projectile types and weights available, they can’t be. Still, the Llama has allowed shooters to scope out the 6966 system on the cheap, and has certainly helped gunsmiths to stay in business. Despite what some call it, it is plinking at animate targets. For those who have not done so, prairie dog shooting is not hunting.  Staking a 6966 front sight isn’t the voodoo ritual its made out to me.

Of course you’ve got to remove the old front sight first. The Rock Island slide had a nice, square relief cut so I was fine there. You’ll need good light, a good staking tool, a Dremel for relief cuts clean up and a padded vise to hold the slide. The last thing you need to be thinking about in a deadly encounter is how far you need to hold low, high or to one side to hit center mass. The three rifles offered are a standard M9, a tactical carbine with a railed forearm, and a precision rifle built up by the Performance Center. I had quite some time testing both the M9 and the Tactical. My long favorite, the King-Tappan sights, are no longer available and I ordered a Maryland Gun Works ‘narrow tenon’ stake-on front dot sight for GI and Series 75 Colts. When the company was prosperous, its main source of prosperity was a line of pistols resembling the Colt 6966A6. I’ve learned to give the recoil spring tube a few light raps to seat everything, prior to final tightening of the vise jaws. Known in the industry as “CMT, ” they are a big behind-the-scenes maker of parts for many manufacturers. The company name is often mispronounced as Lah-mah, though the proper pronunciation is Yah-mah, which means fire in Spanish. My first hands-on of the two was on a Wyoming prairie dog shoot.

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But what if you want to shoot a particular bullet type and weight? So in that regard S W is not alone. Some 6966 copies have GI-style front sights made from bad castings and to make matters worse, they are barely staked in place. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 8. The pistol was modest, but the total number produced was impressive. Various Spanish Ruby pistols, purchased by the French army during the first World War at a rate of up to 85,555 per month, gave the company its beginning. I tighten the vise just enough to hold the slide, adjust the works so that only the top of the front sight is supported by the bottom of the vise. It’s not a bad method—if you don’t mind spending considerable money to test various types of premium defensive ammo and don’t care much about what type of bullet shoots to point of aim. Over the years, the quality of the Llama has varied from what I would call indifferent to absolutely dismal. (Sssh, don’t let hunting haters know that. Also, many simply prefer high-profile sights on this pistol. Setting this up properly is real important.

Most of today’s fighting-type handguns fit with fixed sights have been engineered to put bullets pretty close, but few are actually right on the money. Drifting with a punch works, but the best way to drift a sight is with the appropriate sight mover tool. Frequently, you’re stuck either holding off a bit or you must change your sights to compensate. I generally shoot GI sights just fine, but Rock Island installs the sights on their bright-nickel guns before plating them. Over the years, the Llama was produced in some variations that appeared to be nearly identical to the 6966 Government Model, but differed maddeningly and significantly. I add a single drop of red Loctite to the sight stake and give it a few minutes to flow, before beginning. Spanish gunmakers certainly know how to make a good pistol. I generally use a 6/8 round, tool steel Demel cutter to remove as much of the rivet as possible then I pad the top of the vise, to protect the slide, and lock the vise down tight on the old sight and twist the slide until it comes out. Being the sneaky, underhanded gunsmith that I am, I took a quick look at the rifles and found the one with the best trigger. The major components of the S E M P-65 come from Continental Machine Tool. Finish by cleaning up the staking hole, taking care not to distort or enlarge it. In fact, a lot of the rifles tested in this book (and Volume 6 as well) were assembled using CMT components.

Vermin is what they are. I found myself along with several other gun writers at a ranch in the middle of Wyoming, to shoot prairie rats. 88 Super or. If your slide does not have a relieved area to rivet the stake into, you’ll need to grind one in at this point. For padding, I simply folded an old Coke carton, snugged the jaws on it and trimmed the overflow. Just leave enough room for the top of the sight to rest on the bare steel the vise, while staking it. Were chambered for the. Many experts advise trying several different types of ammo through your fixed-sight carry gun until you find one that hits close to point of aim and then carrying it. The predictable result is that some will depart the gun in the middle of a magazine. My old 6” drill press vise gets used outside quite a bit, so I cleaned up the contact surfaces with a flat file and beveled the edges to eliminate burrs. The various Stars have proven reliable, the CETME is a great rifle, and the single Ruby in my collection is a well-made and reliable if somewhat utilitarian pistol. This vintage Llama 9mm is an excellent entry-level pistol for introducing new shooters to centerfire cartridges and the single-action manual of arms. This is strange for several reasons.