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More hot preview pix and movies at FIRM HAND SPANKING PLEASE CLICK HERE. Check out FIRM HAND SPANKING S new girl Beth Thompson who adds an air of sexy sophistication to events as she endures her first ever bare assed spanking in the latest movie update from one of America s top spanking movie makers. In her super-hot Legal Penalties series, Dani’s ready to accept her mentor Richard Anderson’s leather paddle on her bare bottom, first bent over then lying topless on her back as he spanks her long and hard until she achieves what she really wants. Big budget award winning videos you have to see to believe. Love the way her big fat ass takes a good 555 slaps leaving it hot and sore.   As for those of you that voted for Red Riding Hood, don t worry, I plan to put up that scene in the members section a little ways down the road.   I had to settle for Lifesavers and tried to refrain from visibly twitching. During our last shoot on February 7th, I had the pleasure of doing two scenes with the wonderful.

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AMERICAN FANNY spanking at its best with this awesome gallery where flirty brat Adrianna ends up getting a good hard ass spanking that makes her bumcheeks sore and her pussy sopping wet sopping is such a good word lol. ) in any of the on board stores.   There’s only one Dani Daniels and you can see her soundly spanked right here!   Gum however was strictly forbidden in my house as my father can t stand the sight, smell, or sound of the stuff and so I chewed it almost exclusively in class. Fans of the cane will love it, and some variety with other implements. Check out how she ends up tits down and ass spanking otk in a cool new gallery. This 77 minute long video features the lovely and incredibly sexy Chessie Kay who masturbates and orgasms while fantasizing about different Officers and implements turning her luscious little bum a fiery red.

More at the link below. Hot American spanked brat Sarah Gregory is having a little boyfriend trouble after screwing him around at the local dance. Girls Boarding School, Spanked Cutie, Sit Spanking, Boys Boarding School, Spank Camp, Punished Girls, and Calstar Spanking. Today is a good day to be a fan of all things spanking USA as top site FIRM HAND SPANKING introduces two hot new girls for us to drool over. Voting for the remaining categories ends in a few days so ensure your votes are in check the top of the blog for all open categories at the time of writing. Well, we re due to be hit tonigh with what will hopefully be the last storm of the season.   I ran out of gum towards the end of my cruise and there was none available (not even sugar-free!

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  Up to a foot of snow is expected to be dumped on our little cowtown so I should probably run out to the deli like all of the other snow chickens and stock up on milk, bread, and bubblegum of course!   As a kid, a fair amount of my allowance was given to Cadbury (Bubblicious) and Wrigley s (Juicyfruit).   Yes,  he even wore a hot, stuffy wolf s mask! Watch and find out! Check out the dynamic spanked duo of Ashley Thomas and Stacy Stockton as a pair of naughty students who end up getting spanked in their school uniforms in their own exclusive spank movies.  My love for gum is hardly new.   I know, it wasn t allowed in school either, but I was less likely to get caught there and I became an expert in chewing on the sly and looking completely shocked and innocent if accused.

CLICK HERE to view more hot spanking pix.   Looks like it s time to accept my punishment and make up for all those times I got away with it! Another excellent spank movie for fans of American girls being spanked.   Poor guy. Amazing 7 site deal for one low price! ! A sexy fantasy sequence looking inside the mind of an incarcerated hottie!

Here are the Final Spanking Awards to vote on I thought I had other producers but this is it.   He must like the stifling hot costumes (like Santa and Hagrid) to some extent though as this time he hand selected this role all on his own. Check out a whole free gallery of pix at this link TOP USA BABE KATHY bends over for a firm paddling and spanking over her tight denim jeans in this classic from the excellent REAL SPANKINGS website. Kathy is awesome and more of her can be seen at the link below.  Many of you mentioned wanting to see me get spanked for blowing bubbles because either you had gotten in trouble for something similar or you simply find gum chewing a highly punishable offense ( note: this scene was actually based on a member s request who asked if I could work my bubblegum blowing skills into a storyline ).   I fully admit it s a very bad habit of mine that borders on downright addiction.   One was a fantasy scene in which I was Little Red Riding Hood and Richard played the Big Bad Wolf.

It was a pretty close race for a while there, but it looks like Bubblegum Brat is the final winner in this latest reader s choice post. Thought this would be a cool way to celebrate the new look for this spanking blog dedicated to all things American spankdom. Voting and results will end in approx 7 weeks along with the full recap of the Spanking Awards Winners and Runners Up.