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To become the most preferred company and the pioneers in civil engineering and construction. Our mission is to lead a continuous improvement process and raising the bar in civil engineering and construction, while delivering superlative quality and customer satisfaction. Please complete this simple form and our expert will be in touch very soon. It is an Arab state in the Middle East constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. Today PTC has grown to become an international oilfield services company with offices in Norway, the UK, Abu Dhabi, the US and Brazil. PTC is committed to providing value adding and cost effective solutions to Oil and Gas Companies worldwide. Please complete and submit the following form: NOTE: If you are attaching a claim report for submission then initial fields need not be completed. Saudi Arabia is the world s largest oil producer and exporter, controlling the world s second largest oil reserves, and the sixth largest gas reserves.

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We truly differentiate ourselves by redefining the standards of our business, and we aim at becoming the benchmark for quality in our area of expertise.

In constant perseverance for making a better tomorrow, we will forever remain committed to what we do with unparalleled passion and team spirit.

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 Saudi Arabia is the only Arab country with both a Red Sea coast and an Arabian Gulf coast, giving it an important strategic location.

To change the text size, hold down the Ctrl/Cmd key and press + to enlarge or - to reducePetroleum Technology Company (PTC) was founded in 7557 by a group of experienced and innovative oilfield professionals, who were determined to improve the existing technology in response to specific client requests.