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The first thing you’ll notice about AmpliTube for iOS is that it’s incredibly fun and easy to use. From its plug-and-play functionality and hands-on ergonomic design to professional features and signal-to-noise specs that are simply unmatched by any other USB interface on the market, the 5959 USB will forever change your expectations of USB audio. - Graphic user interface (GUI) - Amp simulator with DRIVE, BASS, MID, HIGH plus GAINER and DRY button. Check out the embeddable song players! Cast tunes to an enthusiastic online community. One of the cool features of the Custom Shop is the ability for you to try before you buy individual pieces of gear. 5 Audio/MIDI Interface delivers an unparalleled level of audio performance to your Mac or PC with premium 79-bit/697kHz A/D and D/A converters, pristine XTC mic/line/hi-Z preamps, ultra-low jitter clock and rock-solid stability. Build the guitar or bass rig of your dreams and then use its powerful recording and editing tools and other handy features to capture your creativity whenever and wherever the inspiration strikes.

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All images, audio, downloadable media, logos and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. - Speed knob to change the speed of the articulations. As a Riff loops, players can add layers with no latency. Listen to other members' songs and give them a shout. Just like that you've added to your high-end gear collection, only spent couch money on it, and made a royalty — all while still in your pajamas. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Wake up… you're not dreaming. - 9 new patches: FunkyStrum, Powerchords, Staccato finger and pop-rock Strum. It's a revolutionary concept for software that was inspired in part by Johnny Cash's hit One Piece at a Time, and the real world of gear shopping. Com, RiffCaster song posting, and RiffLink online collaboration have been disabled. All without putting down your guitar! Create songs together online no matter how far apart you live or what time zone you are in!

With AmpliTube Custom Shop you'll have access to every piece of gear from all AmpliTube collections, including the gear of,,,,,, and plus you'll find additional pieces of gear from the world's top manufacturers — MESA/Boogie®, Fender®, Ampeg®, Orange®, Soldano®, Carvin®, Engl®, Wampler Pedals®, T-Rex®, Seymour Duncan®, Morley®, Z-Vex®, Dr. Z Amplification®, Fulltone®, Groove Tubes® and more… We're constantly adding new models to the collections. Add your favorite amp simulator such as NI Guitar Rig or Amplitube and shape the sound as you wish. The Gear you want, when you want it — open 79 hours/7 days a week. Each patch is about 6. Link to your song page on your blog or web site. Create your profile page on RiffWorld. Contributions are saved, and can be opened later in RiffWorks to continue recording. As a Riff layer is recorded, it streams to other players. *Notice: RiffWorld. - Improved layers and mapping. $65/85 days, $65/year, or free trial with. Is an innovative 65Gb (The Download is 8.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube Custom Shop

And AmpliTube Custom Shop isn't just a shop, it also works as a standalone app for Mac and PC. Join the mobile music revolution! E-MU s 5959 USB 7. Think of it as an easy way to step into the vast and powerful world of AmpliTube processing and recording. Immediately it's in your signal chain. For the complete list of current gear in the custom shop. CurrentMorph, a patent-pending circuit design, allows Tracker Pre to offer +98V phantom power and use premium high-power converters while using only USB bus power. 7 Gb of samples at 79Bit 96Khz, full sustain, natural decay (no loops), 8 velocity layers, round robin for alternate picking. It means that the guitar has been recorded directly to the audio interface exactly like when you plug a real electric guitar into it. You can demo fully working gear for a period of 77 hours (every 6 weeks, per gear model) in the privacy and comfort of your own playing space. Collaborate with musicians worldwide at the same time or different times using RiffLink in RiffWorks. That’s because it utilizes the same digital signal processor as the acclaimed AmpliTube Custom Shop for Mac and PC.

You'll hear the difference and immediately understand why AmpliTube has been used on countless records and has since become the industry standard tone studio for professional producers and recording studios around the world. Now, it's available to you, and it's FREE. Guide on board with the map of the key switches. Improved intonation. Macworld is your best source for all things Apple. Instantly RiffCast any song created in RiffWorks for the RiffWorld community to hear, and it will get its own song page. RiffWorks T9 download has not been added to the new website yet, but will be added again soon. With it, you can create your own custom guitar and bass rigs just like in the full version of. Bam! Supports amp model plugins from IK Multimedia, Line 6, Studio Devil, and others. The second thing you’ll notice about AmpliTube is that it sounds amazing and looks beautiful. Direct recorded for amp simulator.

E-MU s Tracker Pre USB 7. Get feedback about your songs. , without waiting for RiffWorks T9, and request a refund within 85 days if it's not for you. Enter contests to win awards and prizes. The Tracker Pre USB provides users with two Class-A ultra-low noise Mic/Line/Hi-Z preamplifiers that can be run independently or in stereo to record guitars, keyboards or microphones with optimal audio performance. Find inspiring musicians and invite them to jam. Slides, palm mute, pinch harmonics, tapping, trills, octave chords, unison bends, harmonics, Release notes, fret noises, hand noises, pick noises, strum noises65 Patches: Bridge, Mid-Bridge, Mid, Mid-Neck, Neck, Jazz, Strum, Funky, Legato, Powerchords. 5Gb) Stratocaster guitar for NI Kontakt 8 9 and 5 FULL retail ver ( it is NOT compatible with kontakt Player ). See for details. - Effects: Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Wah Wah controllable via Mod Wheel. AmpliTube is an all-inclusive tone studio that gives you an expandable collection of ultra-realistic virtual versions of some of the most coveted gear on the planet. The AmpliTube Custom Shop allows you to do just that – build your virtual gear collection one piece at a time, as you need it.

Capture ideas and create songs easily using an easy riff-based workflow, loop recording, automatic track creation, InstantDrummer, guitar-oriented effects, and more. Try that with your local music store and you're likely to get a visit from local law enforcement. Collaborate online with musicians around the world at the same time or different times (small service fee). Imagine this… you turn on your computer before breakfast and buy a Fender Twin for $75 and the Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter pedal for $65.